PBG Goalkeeping Program Overview 

For the 2019-2020 season we are excited to continue to restructure and improve our goalkeeper program for all ages and all levels at Palm Beach Predators. With our new Director of Goalkeeping, and support coaches we now have the ability to offer a truly unique, goalkeeper centered, learning environment to help enhance goalkeepers of all age. With specific DPL, ECNL, 7v7 travel, 9v9 travel and 11v11 travel sessions, this allows for small groups and high individual attention to detail for each goalkeeper training with one of our coaches at minimum twice a week. Our team is made up of former goalkeepers who have played at minimum college level, who know the position inside and out, and know what it takes to develop into a great all-round goalkeeper. 

This year we will be introducing goalkeeper video analysis for DPL and ECNL, match reports, classroom sessions and more to help goalkeepers develop through not only physical sessions but also through theory and study. 

Below is a breakdown of how each session will be focused dependent on age and stage of development: 




Age Group Focus 

Ages 6-8; Foundation 

  • Introduction to Handling Technique 
  • Introduction To Footwork Technique 
  • Introduction To Basic Distribution
  • Introduction To Decision Making 

Ages 9-12; Intermediate 

  • Refining Handling and Footwork Technique 
  • Advanced Distribution Technique
  • Continued Decision Making Development
  • Introduction To Game-Like Scenario’s

Ages 12-18; Advanced 

  • Game-Based Focus 
  • High Decision Making Focus 
  • Reading and Anticipation Of The Game 

GK Philosophy 

The PBG Predators Goalkeeping Academy is committed to providing the best possible opportunity to help goalkeepers of all ages and abilities grow and learn in a positive and productive environment. The goalkeeper position is forever changing, and we are committed to continue to help our goalkeepers grow and improve each session to meet the modern demands of the position through effective, structured and well-delivered sessions.

What We Expect: 

  • Come ready to learn.
  • Hold yourself to high standards.
  • Hard work and commitment. 
  • Have fun.