This document is an introduction to competitive travel soccer and will give you an idea  of what to expect during the PBG Predators soccer experience for the 2022-2023 season.




Competitive soccer develops a player for future years by establishing fundamental skills and training habits at an early age. This requires patience with progress and understanding that the club may have multiple levels of teams within the same age group. This system enables the club to develop players with the skill and experience to compete at the highest level possible. Allowing the club to cultivate teams for the U12 and higher age-groups when each team requires 16+ rostered players.



Start Date: August 2nd thru May 15th

There will be a winter break (Dec 20-Jan 3) and a spring break (March 20-24) with no training.* Games are scheduled through the course of the program, but not every week. We intentionally build in rest weekends with no games, especially as we get close to the end of the season.

*ECNL, GA and DPL teams will train during Spring Break - March 20-2024, 2023




  • Gardens District Park - 5101 117th Ct N, Palm Beach Gardens
  • PGA National Soccer – 313 Hiatt Dr, Palm Beach Gardens
  • Dyer Park Soccer - 7301 Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach
  • Mirasol Soccer - 12649 Ibiza Dr, Palm Beach Gardens




Practices and competitive events (games, tournaments) are mandatory. While we understand there can be extenuating circumstances causing a player to miss a rare practice or event, this is a competitive/travel sport and player absence reduces the quality of the experience and development for the entire team. Families unable or unwilling to ensure player attendance at all practices and events should consider lower levels of play.

Playing time is based on skill set and team need, which is determined solely by the coaching staff and the team's coach. Paying club fees does not entitle a player to a specific quantity of playing time.




All Predator teams have full-time professional trainers that work with the players for every training session and every game. We do not have parent-coaches. This allows our trainers to fully manage all coaching aspects with the team without any personal conflict. Every trainer has professional soccer coaching credentials and licenses. Instruction and direction given by our Director of Coaching (DOC) is followed by all trainers.




Travel is often played within Palm Beach County, except when competitive play

requires that a team join a league spanning multiple counties. Tournaments are

mostly outside of Palm Beach County. On average teams compete in 7 events per year that are covered within your registration and payment. All leagues and tournaments are decided by our coaching staff.




Parents should not communicate with players during training sessions. Parents must avoid coaching from the sideline during games. Coaching staff have been asked to address such issues promptly. Improper behavior can result is parent suspensions.




All registration for PBG Predators activities will be online via Demosphere. Fundraising and volunteer opportunities are available to help offset costs. Example: Honda Classic concessions or our club’s tournament, Palm Beach Gardens Classic. Teams are welcomed and encouraged to explore additional fundraising avenues.




Each team has a completed periodization plan outlining each tournament and

league the team will play for the year. You can request this from DOC or Head Coach.




New players - Nike Uniforms in year 2 – Cost is $275. Uniform package includes home and away jerseys, 2 pair of game shorts and socks as well as 2 Nike light blue training jerseys. A player number will be assigned and located on the reverse side of both game jerseys and both training jerseys. Please note all uniform costs are individually purchased from our vendor, Returning players will not need a new uniform.




For additional questions, please contact:

Adam Gee

Director of Coaching




PBG Predators Player Profile




The following information is to help both players and parents understand the process regarding try-outs, assessment, and selection for the Predators competitive soccer organization.




Talent with and without the ball. A player must possess individual skills as well as the potential and desire to improve. Talent is one factor that contributes to the success of an individual player but players must show hard work, energy and effort to gain placement in the club. All players must possess intelligence for the game and an interest to listen and learn.




The player and family are committing to the long-term success of the player for the whole year. This commitment represents both player and parent with full-time attendance at all training sessions, games, and travel. With this commitment, you will see a significant growth in the player’s ability.




Players must be willing to work with our professional trainers within a team and an individual setting. This willingness will help the player improve and realize long-term success individually and as a team. A willingness to learn, adapt and grow in multiple roles on and off the field will allow the player to achieve their soccer potential. Players must respect the club, the coach, and fellow teammates in order to succeed.




Parents are an essential and important part of the success of the Predators soccer club. The parents are asked to not only ensure their sons/daughters meet the commitment, conduct, and attendance standards set out above, but also help foster a positive and supportive competitive environment. The Predator program is fortunate to have highly skilled and experienced professional trainers; therefore, it is requested that parents refrain from sideline coaching during practices or games, but, of course, the program depends upon sideline encouragement for our Predator teams. A highlight of the Predators soccer club is the active involvement, participation and camaraderie of our parents and supporters. To that end, feedback on the Predators soccer club is always welcomed through our Soccer Board or competitive committee leaders.