The PBG Predators Board of Directors, the Director of Coaching, and our Coaches are looking forward to a great year for the players.

Our Club has experienced solid growth from our inaugural season 6 years ago. We attribute this growth to our ability to meet our commitments to our players and their families. We have the utmost confidence in our ability to provide all of our players with an environment that will allow them to achieve their maximum growth potential as both players and as individuals.

Club program and registration fees consist of: training fees, coaching fees, player registration to FYSA and/or US Club Soccer, field & facility expenses, league registrations, insurances, league referee fees (unless otherwise noted), and other costs as determined by the Club. All fees remain the same throughout the season regardless of the number of days in the season.

In registering for one of our programs, you understand that you commit to play the entire season, pay the non-refundable registration fee, and pay the remaining fees due the Club per the payment schedule you choose.

You understand that failure to pay Program/Registration fees will put you in “Not in Good Standing” which will result in the player’s playing privileges being suspended until such obligation is fulfilled.



  • Non-refundable registration fee of $500 is due at the team registration meeting to hold each playerʼs spot on the team roster. The registration fee will be applied to the Club Fees.

  • Three payment plans are available for Club Fees

  • Prior Club Fee payments made under a payment plan option are not refundable

  • Late fee will be applied for fees not paid on time



  • Any particular travel soccer players playing time is to be decided by the coach, who will base his/her decision upon various factors including but not limited to practice attendance, skill level development as the season progresses, attitude on and off the field and advice from the DOC.


  • There is no mandatory minimum playing time.

  • 24-Hour Policy – parents, players and coaching staff should not communicate for 24-hours after a game if any incidents were to happen at the fields. This allows emotions to settle and provide better insight. Any issues can then be resolved with the DOC.


  • No parent is allowed on the field during or after the game to discuss the performance of the team or coach. This will result in a parent suspension if deemed poor behavior by the board and DOC.



  • Guest playing within the Club is permissible and at the discretion of the DOC (internal policy).

  • Guest playing for other clubs is typically not permitted but is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Board and/or DOC.

  • All guest play, regardless of FYSA, US Club, USSSA or another affiliation must be approved by Board and/or DOC.



  • Players from other clubs are not allowed to practice with Predators teams unless the player has submitted the authorization from the playerʼs coach in writing or via e-mail communication and is approved by DOC

  • Predators players may not practice with other clubs unless the player has been released or requested permission from the DOC & Predators Club with written authorization



  • A player release must commence with a written notification or e-mail request to the playerʼs coach & DOC by the playerʼs parents

  • The coach/DOC will forward the release request to the Predators Board for consideration

  • A player must submit a Player Release Request, a $500 release/transfer fee, and otherwise be in good financial standing with the Predators Club for the release to be considered

  • The Predators Board will consider the release and direct the Club Registrar to release the player in accordance with FYSA guidelines



  • A player may be dismissed from the team/Club for the any of the following, but not limited to:
    • Abandoning the team
    • Behavior on or off of the field
    • Disrupting practices or matches
    • Parental behavior unbecoming
    • Failure to keep in good financial standing with the Club



Congratulations on being selected to join the PBG Predators Soccer Club for the 2018-2019 seasonal year! Your skills and hard work have earned you a spot in one of the top soccer clubs in Palm Beach County. Our Board of Directors, Director of Coaching, and coaches hope this will be an enjoyable year for you and your family.

As part of the process, we want to ensure that you are fully aware and understand the commitments the PBG Predators Soccer Club is making to you at this time, and the expectations and obligations incurred by you as a result of accepting the position offered to you.

Each player and parent will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of the mutual expectations between you and the PBG Predators. Accepting the position offered obligates each player to pay the full non-refundable registration fee, regardless of whether the player, after executing this agreement, does not complete the proper paperwork for the issuance of the FYSA, US Club, USSSA player pass or later decides to leave the PBG Predators prior to the end of the seasonal year.