Week 2

Week 2 at home workout. https://youtu.be/GA0PdVgwmBU. Press CC button to see each exercise described. 


Aim to complete this session at home three times during the week. You should focus on ball skills the other days that have been sent out by your coach. You can utilize any items available to act as cones. The workout is footwork and basic handling focused. 


Warm Up

Complete a mix of the following: light jog/skip/sidesteps. Any dynamic stretching you need. 


Drill 1 

Use cones or any items available such as socks to create a ladder for yourself. Carry out all footwork exercises whilst holding a soccer ball if possible. If not, focus on keeping your hands in a good set position (hands pushed out slightly in front at a comfortable height). 

Complete each of the following five times each. Light jog back between each set. 

  • In/Out lateral (face each way twice) 
  • Forward shuffle 
  • Backward shuffle 

Focus on keeping a good set position as you move. Controlled footwork. Don’t hit cones. Stay tight to cones. Small steps versus big steps. 


Drill 2

Use any item to create a 3x3 square (adjust dependent on age). Number the cones 1-4. Begin in the middle of the square and have a parent/sibling call out a random number. GK uses good footwork to touch the cone and returns to the middle of the square in their set position. 

  • 2 minutes at one number at a time
  • 2 minutes at two numbers at a time 

Repeat drill again but this time GK will use their footwork to go around the cone (staying tight) and then return to the center. 



Continue to work within the square. This time once the keeper has returned to the center after reacting to the number called have a sibling/parent serve a ball. 

  • 10 x W
  • 10 x Mid-height 
  • 10 x low scoop 

Repeat this drill for footwork around the cone like earlier. 


Main Drill 

Create a goal using two shoes or socks or cones or anything to signify the posts. Make goal 6 yards wide (wider if older) Place two objects 6 yards out from the goal in line with each post. Number them 1 and 2. Have a sibling call the number. GK will touch cone/object return to the goal and receive a random shot/throw/serve from sibling or parent. 

  • 2 minutes work
  • 1 minute rest 
  • Repeat 5 times 


Cool Down 

Ensure you stretch or lightly jog for five minutes after the session. 

If parents/siblings are unavailable to serve adapt the session as best you can. Use static balls to dive on, use a wall to throw your own serve off or just concentrate on the footwork element in all drills.