Week 4

Week 4 at home workout https://youtu.be/w8UFIIW2aUU

Aim to complete this session at home three times during the week. You should focus on ball skills the other days that have been sent out by your coach. You can utilize any items available to act as cones. 

Warm Up

Complete a mix of the following: light jog/skip/sidesteps. Any dynamic stretching you need. 

Core Warm 

  • 1 x 20 sit-ups with ball being held straight above head
  • 1 x 20 Russian twists (1=L&R)
  • 1 x 20 Bicycle with ball (1=L, 1=R)

Repeat 3 times. If the rep scheme isn’t challenging enough add more reps to push yourself. 

Ball Familiarity 

  • 50 finger taps 
  • 20 pass around R leg
  • 20 pass around L leg
  • 20 figure eight pass around
  • 20 pass around hips 

Repeat twice through changing direction of pass arounds for second set. 


Drill 1

Grab a ball and use either a wall or server and complete the following:

1 minute on 20 sec off for 3 sets

  • Volley/throw for high catch (W)
  • Volley/throw for mid-hight catch 
  • Pass/roll for low scoop 

Concentrate on good set position. Feet shoulder width apart, hands in-line of body pushed out in front slightly, weight on the balls of your feet. 

Drill 2 

You will need to place 2 balls or objects to dive on either side in front of you at a comfortable distance for you. Once set up you will complete the following movements for five reps each side:

  • -On your knees dive to each ball. Starting back in the middle each time. 

(work on hands behind ball, driving to the ball, head low and eyes fixed on ball.)

  • -On your knees with one leg up. The leg the is up is the side you will dive.

(work on driving through the front leg, pushing the knee over toes, hands drive to the back of the ball)

  • Standing set position. (drive through the front foot, get the head low, ends behind the ball) 

Repeat these movements for a total of 3 sets. 

Remember this is all about correct technique. Get a feel for the technique, work on attacking the ball and pushing the weight through your front foot, with hands leading to the ball.

Footwork Fitness Finisher 

Get at least 6 objects and lay them out to act like a ladder and place two balls/objects either side at the end like below:      


GK  x x x x x x              


Complete the following: 

  • Forward shuffle through cones. Shuffle in line to one ball at the end and forward scoop it. 
  • Forward shuffle through cones. Dive on to one ball at the end. 
  • In/Out lateral shuffle. Shuffle in line to one ball at the end then forward scoop it. 
  • In/out lateral shuffle. Dive on to one ball at the end. 

You will complete each exercise for 60 seconds. Rest 20 seconds then move on to the next exercise. Repeat this twice through. For in/out lateral, switch sides each time. REMEMBER work on good technique. Keep footwork controlled, hands in set position, look up at ball as much as possible. Do not rush the dive. Think about the proper technique you have worked on. Do not cross feet! 

Cool Down 

Ensure you stretch or lightly jog for five minutes after the session. 

If parents/siblings are unavailable to serve adapt the session as best you can. Use static balls to dive on, use a wall to throw your own serve off or just concentrate on the footwork element in all drills. Ensure serves aren’t coming too early. Allow the gK to get still and set.