Week 5

Week 5 at home workout: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-25489721

Aim to complete this session at home three times during the week. You should focus on ball skills the other days that have been sent out by your coach. You can utilize any items available to act as cones. 

Warm Up

Complete a mix of the following: light jog/skip/sidesteps. Any dynamic stretching you need. 

Core Warm 

  • 1 x 20 sit-ups with ball being held straight above head
  • 1 x 10 Straight leg raises with ball outstretched behind
  • 1 x 20 Russian twists (1=L+R)

Repeat 3 times. If the rep scheme isn’t challenging enough add more reps to push yourself. Concentrate n good form, keeping your core tight. 

Ball Familiarity 

  • 50 finger taps taking the ball low as possible then high as possible
  • 20 finger taps around R leg
  • 20 finger taps around L leg
  • 10 finger taps figure 8’s
  • 20 one hand in front one hand behind catches (if to hard allow ball to bounce once)

Repeat twice through, changing direction of pass arounds for second set. 

Handling Work 

Same as last week. Grab a ball and use either a wall or have a server (parents/sibling) and complete the following:

1 minute on 20 sec off for 3 sets for each technique. 

  • Volley/throw for high catch (W)
  • Volley/throw for mid-hight catch 
  • Pass/roll for low scoop 

Concentrate on good set position. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hands in-line of body pushed out in front slightly, weight on the balls of your feet. 



Drill 1

Set up a small square (4x4) Start with ball in the hands in a good set position in the middle of the square. You will sidestep and place the ball outside the square before returning to the middle for a shot (if no server available pause for 2 seconds holing your set position). After shot you will sidestep back to ball, then sidestep with the ball to the other side of the square, placing it down and returning to the center for another strike. 

You will complete 5 sets of this. 90 seconds work, 30 seconds rest. 

Do not cross your feet. Keep your chest facing forward towards the server, hands as still as possible in the set position. 

Drill 2

Use objects or cones to set up like this:      GK  x x x 

You will move in/out laterally of the cones before diving on a static ball, or if a server is available they will hit the ball for you to dive. Concentrate on driving hands to the ball, knee over toe and keeping your weight off your heels. Think about the diving drills we did last week and continue to work on that form. 

You will complete 6 reps each side for a total of 5 sets. (1 set = 5 reps one way diving to left then 5 reps one way diving to the right)


Cool Down 

Ensure you stretch or lightly jog for five minutes after the session. 

If parents/siblings are unavailable to serve adapt the session as best you can. Use static balls to dive on, use a wall to throw your own serve off or just concentrate on the footwork element in all drills. Ensure serves aren’t coming too early. Allow the gK to get still and set.