Week 7

Week 7 at home workout https://youtu.be/LBiSc0wUmwI 

Aim to complete this session at home three times during the week. You should focus on ball skills the other days that have been sent out by your coach. You can utilize any items available to act as cones. 

Warm Up

Complete a mix of the following: light jog/skip/sidesteps. Any dynamic stretching you need. 

Core Warm 

  • 1 x 20 sit-ups with ball being caught or held. 
  • 1 x 20 side to side catch/sit-ups 
  • 1 x 10 controlled feet off ground sit-ups 

Repeat 3 times. 


Utilize a parent/sibling if possible. Or you can use a wall to rebound. Depending on level and skill of server they can use their feet or serve with their hands. 

  • 2 x 30 reps for W catch 
  • 2 x 30 reps for mid-height scoop 
  • 2 x 30 reps for low scoop/long barrier


Place 4 cones in a row with about 5 yards spacing in between. Opposite each cone about 5 yards away place a ball or an item you can dive on. GK will begin in the middle of the cone and ball, shuffle around the cone and dive onto the ball. Repeat around each cone and ball for one full set. Complete the following sets:

  • Dive on static ball x 4 sets each side. 
  • Hold ball for collapse save x 4 sets each side. (keep a target you must dive passed to ensure you don’t cheat). 
  • Receive a live low ball to dive on x 4 sets each side.
  • Receive a live mid-height ball for a collapse x 4 sets each side. 

In total you will complete 4 sets of each exercise on the left and 4 sets of each exercise on the right. 

Focus on driving hands to the ball, knee over toe and not falling sideways. Attack the ball. 

Main Drill 

Create a goal using two shoes or socks or cones or anything to signify the posts. Make goal 6 yards wide (wider if older) Place three cones or objects either side of the goal, staggered to come further forward each time. You will begin in the middle of the goal, touch the first cone and recover for shot. You will then touch the same cone on the opposite side and return for the shot. Working your way down the cones on both sides so you will receive 6 shots total in the set. 

  • You will repeat this for 5 sets minimum. Serves should be varied. 

Cool Down 

Ensure you stretch or lightly jog for five minutes after the session. 

If parents/siblings are unavailable to serve adapt the session as best you can. Use static balls to dive on, use a wall to throw your own serve off or just concentrate on the footwork element in all drills. Ensure serves aren’t coming too early. Allow the gK to get still and set.