Home Soccer Training Program

#PositiveCoaching is not just a hashtag, but it's how our club will stay together and our bond as a coaching staff and team managers group to stay connected to our players and families. We absolutely strongly believe we have a major role to play with others to keep our sense of community and health and more than ever we should be together as a soccer family.

Home-Soccer Program.

We have created a home-soccer program, and designed a 12-week program. However, we will only be sending out 4-weeks at a time and hopeful we do not use all 12-weeks(!). Like similar online training video’s it is all individual player skill based at home - ball mastery and footskills drills. We will have quiz’s to do as well and coaches challenges.

We have asked our coaches to be HIGHLY involved and pro-active with players on their team with video calls, team video calls and emails. 

The process will be managed as follows with the following coaching staff to ensure teams and coaches are following.  These will help delegate responsibility and keep it managed daily.

  • U9-U12 girls - Paul Gregory
  • U13+ girls - Steve Burgess
  • U9-U12 boys - Kris Steeves & EJ Raftery
  • U13+ boys - Adam Gee