Kick Start

Palm Beach Gardens Predators Kick Start Program

We are excited to announce our new Kick-Start summer programs for ages 2-4 year olds with Coach Melissa!
We will hold two 4-week programs (Tuesday or Thursday) and an 8-week program (Tuesday and Thursday).  
Wednesday Classes:
  • $80 per player
  • 5:00pm - 5:50pm
  • August 21 - October 9th - 8-weeks
  • Location: Gardens District Park Soccer complex
Saturday Classes: 
  • $80 per player
  • 9:00am - 9:50am
  • August 24 - October 12th - 8-weeks
  • Location: Gardens District Park Soccer complex
Contact: Coach Melissa. 
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This is a unique training program for children ages 2-4 to develop their love of activity, soccer and sports.  We focus on progressive movements that will improve your child’s balance, movement and coordination. Through small class sizes and one on one attention from our trainers, we are here to work with the children on their overall movements and fundamental movements through fun and goofy games that your child will LOVE.

This program will Kick Start your child on the journey of organized sports. Quality movement training is a fundamental aspect for future performance in the majority of field sports. This can be started as early as 18 months old. As a basic motor skill, sport movement is a subject of systematic development. This program is designed to focus on overall movement and technique. Your child will play games that work on their hand eye and foot eye coordination.


Program Focus:

1. Improve the child’s Fundamental Motor Skills 
            (Physical Literacy) and Prepare for your Structured Program

2. Fun - Love the program 

3. Parent involvement and education



Start: Circle time- each child will have their own spot to stand on. They will work on balance and coordination by practicing jumping jacks, hopping on both feet, hopping on one foot, marching on the spots. We will teach them basic stretching by having each child tickle up to the sky and then reaching down and tickling their toes. At the end of circle time, each child will pick up their spot and run around our space using the spot as the “wheel to their racecar.”  Every class should be started with the same routine so the child becomes acclimated to the routine. Their progressive movements should improve each session and the trainer can implement different variations of the same activities. 


Example Activities:

Messy Kickers:

Each child is given a colored cone that they spread across the entire field. Once they spread the cones over the entire field they will become “messy kickers” and kick them all over.  After knocking down all the cones the children will learn to stand the cone up with only using their feet. This teaches the children balance and coordination by using the sole of their foot to pull the cone back. 

Variations of this game: After the cones are up, each child has to dribble through all the standing cones to score a goal without knocking over the cones. 
Older age group: can make snow man heads with the ball and the cone and then have to kick the “head out (ball) from under the snowman’s hat. 


Noodle Tickle:

Each child gets a pool noodle and has to chase the coach and “tickle” them with a noodle.


Obstacle Course:

Hurdles, Ladders, Tunnels, Tip Toe through cones, to score a big goal 


Rock and Rolls:  

The children will master the ability to get in ready position, ball at foot with their sole on the ball. They will learn to roll the ball forward and back as well as tapping their toes to the stop of the ball.

            Variation: Toe Taps and Happy Feet for older age groups. 

Red Light, Green Light, and Yellow Light:

Each child will dribble the ball in the space. When they hear the command red light they need to stop with the ball in ready position, green light they go fast, yellow light they go slow.


Hierarchy of Fundamental Motor Skills

• Walk before you can Run.....

• Balance before you can Twist and Rotate...

• Roll a ball before you can Underarm throw...

• Stop a rolling ball before you can Catch a ball ...

• Jump before you can Skip

Join us now! We will have limited spaces available and it promises to be an amazing fun program for parents and children!