Tournament App

Our tournament has its own app that hosts great information on the tournament. We recommend you download the app for your phone. We are uploading and updating the APP as we speak with the schedule and field addresses.

Tournament Schedule.

Here is the link to the schedule online. Please note, if games do change team snap is not always updated, so we advise you check the official schedule at all times and we update scores as quickly as possible.


Tournament Services

This year we will have a new Athletic Trainer provider for all our fields, using Sports Medicine of Florida who also provide Athletic Trainers to US Soccer DA programs and multiple great tournaments in Florida. We are excited to have these staff at every field location. 

Tournament Vendors

We are excited to have some new food truck vendors attend this year as well as tournament pictures, merchandise and soccer wear. Most notably we will have the the new McDonalds on Wheels that will be located at PGA National Soccer Complex. Other vendors will be at Mirasol, Klock concessions for our recreation program and Ballpark of the Palm Beaches with food vendors.

Parent Behavior and Sideline Coaching

I am asking all our PBG Predators parents to help in general behavior on and off the sidelines. If you see something that needs attention or help please let coaching staff or site directors know. We can only fix what is told to us. 

Additionally please allow our coaching staff to coach the games. We continue to provide a great program allowing the coaches to manage and instruct the games. We only ask for cheers and support. Sideline coaching has a zero tolerance at PBG Predators and this season has been great so far.